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Welcome to eZ Publish and eZ Flow

You chose the eZ Flow package with a clean install and no evaluation data, this installation is empty of content.

To learn more about eZ Flow, please visit our website and watch the introduction video.

This page is the home page of your website, you can access the administration interface of your website by selecting the appropriate check box on the login page, you will need to use the "admin" username and the password you defined when installing eZ Publish.

If you want to use the eZ toolbar for front end editing, please login to the website with the same administrator account or with any account you might have setup with sufficient rights.

If you want to get started easily and run your website project, the usual next steps for you might be:

  1. Configure users and permissions using the administration interface, to grant access and rights to all the team involved in the making of your website. See user manual.
  2. Customise the layout styles and templates of your website in order to match your branding requirements. See the documentation.
  3. Add additional new features leveraging existing extensions in the ecosystem. See the documentation.
  4. Start publishing content in the repository and launch your website. See the documentation.

For more information, please visit our documentation. You might also consider exchanging with our community via our forums or browsing existing extensions in the community contribution corner.

If you are running a business project, you should consider help from eZ Systems professional services such as training, consulting or Premium support and maintenance.


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